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It has happened. It is almost 1 year when I started community driven initiative in Poland to create good newspaper about Java. First 4 issues (one every 3 months) were published only in Polish, however the readers' response was so great that I decided to give that magazine to every Java developer. That's why you can see our last issue (in Poland it was June issue) in English.

There was so many people that helped me to get to this point that I am afraid of forgetting somebody. I would like to say thank you to my wife, who gave me time to do this. In addition she gave some of her own time to review articles and help me making many other decisions.

I would like to thank Marek Podsiad?y, who is guy who wrote most of the "new" webpage for and Also big thanks to Jakub Sosinski (, who is responsible for all graphic. I wouldn't be able to publish English issue without translators. Starting from Pawe? Ceg?a, who translates most of the articles to English, Magdalena Rudny, ?ukasz Baran and Bogus?aw Osuch who joined the team and contributed to this issue.

Last, but not least I would like to thank our partners, e-Point and ISOLUTION who support our effort. And Adobe, who gave us InDsign to make our DTP much easier.

If you would like to join our team or contribute article, or maybe your company can support us, please write to me at

See you in 3 months,
Grzegorz Duda

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