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Introduction to Grails

Issue 4 (2009-06-01) - Mateusz Mrozewski

In this article I would like to introduce Grails framework using a practical example and a way of generating the application based on a model called scaffolding. We will configure our work environment step by step and run our first application. It will serve as an entry point to further work with Grails.

What is Grails?

Grails is a

To-do list in Grails

Issue 5 (2009-10-01) - Mateusz Mrozewski

In the previous issue of JavaExpress I showed how to start working with Grails; install the environment, create the first project, domain classes with restrictions and how to use dynamic scaffolding. Now let us create a simple to-do list in Grails bottom-up. You will see how to develop a controller, use basic facilities of GORM and create custom views –

GORM – Grails Object Relational Mapping

Issue 6 (2009-12-09) - Mateusz Mrozewski

In this article I would like to present some basic information on GORM (Grails Object Relational Mapping) and further issues of this topic. After reading the article you will know how the persistence layer works in Grails.

Let's begin

GORM, the persistence layer in Grails is implemented as object relational mapping. Under its name we will find Hibernate or

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