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J2ME: Serializacja obiektów, cz. I

Issue 3 (2009-03-08) - Adam Dec


"Pickling is the process of creating a serialized representation of objects."
Antonio J Sierra,
"Recursive and non-recursive method to serialize object at J2ME"
Mechanizm serializacji (Java™Object Serialization Specification, [1]) pozwala na przechowywanie stanów obiektów pomiędzy kolejnymi wywołaniami programu, a także na przesyłanie obiektów przez sieć. Kluczem do zapisywania i odczytywania obiektów jest taka reprezentacja

J2ME: Objects Serialization

Issue 4 (2009-06-01) - Adam Dec

Environment setup and project creation

The utility used to build our projects will be, of course, Maven 2.x [1]. To make it a little more sophisticated, we will use maven-antrun-plugin in the source generation phase (generate-sources). Ant's [2] responsibility will be to generate code using org.castor.anttask.CastorCodeGenTask class.
Before going further, I would like to recommend reading an excellent article

Signal Framework for Java ME

Issue 6 (2009-12-09) - Marek Wiącek


Signal Framework is an open-source IoC, AOP and MVC framework for Java ME (J2ME) based on Spring. The framework has been designed to overcome the limitations of the CLDC API that prevent IoC containers implemented in Java SE from running on J2ME implementations. Signal Framework uses regular Spring XML configuration files, allowing developers to leverage existing tools and skill

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