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JAVA exPress magazine was created mainly by free and disinterrested help of many people. Starting from authors, proofreaders, translators, graphic designers and many, many more. Without their work JAVA exPress would not be what it is now.

If you would like to become an author and contribute an article, or maybe you would be willing to help developing JAVA exPress, please contact us at

We also encourage any sponsor that would like to cooperate with JAVA exPress and help us to deliver next issues.

JAVA exPress magazine is free. That is why we count on your help, also financial. If you want to help us, there are many ways to do that. You could donate via bank transfer or PayPal. You could also promote JAVA exPress by putting our banner at your website.

Bank transfer:

IBAN Account number: PL 63 1140 2004 0000 3102 5555 9260
Amount: as you wish. Even 1$/EUR is very valuable for us.
JAVA exPress - YES (if you want to be listed in next JAVA exPress issue as supporter)
JAVA exPress - NO (if you don't want to be listed in next JAVA exPress issue as supporter)
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