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GroovyMag review - June 2009

GroovyMag is a magazine created by Groovy and Grails users and enthusiasts. It has been publishing every month since November 2008 as a pdf.

Batch processing with Spring Batch

Author: Bob Brown

Spring Batch is one of the youngest part of Spring family. This Framework allows batch processing of huge amount of data providing tools for read, validating and write data, logging, tasks management and resource management as well as parallel computing. Presented example is Groovy application that converts data from hard to read text format to XML.

Groovy under the Hood – Groovy Scripts

Author: Kirsten Schwark

This time, in this recurrent section, we can learn how scipts in Groovy are implemented. We can read how they are executed and how creators treated local variables and properties in the scripts.

Grails in a J2EE World - Sharing the Database

Author: Shawn Hartsock

If the database can be used by many users, it can be used also by many applications. Making this sentence happen, author shows us that tough task that is migration to new platform can be easy with Grails. He starts with optimistic locking on old system (in this example it is JBoss), moving forward to mapping DB to domain classes in GORM.

One-to-Many Demystified – Managing Complex Relationships in Grails

Author: Tyler Williams

Default GSP pages generated by scaffolding in Grails are very rarely good enough for production systems. It is even worse for views that need to work on both ends of one-to-many relations. Author shows us how this problem can be solved using modal windows and table component. He also propose his own solution that is the best for his example, based on HTML and AJAX.

Plugin Corner – Grails Functional Test Plugin

Author: Dave Klein

Grails Functional Test is an alternative to functional tests with Canoo Webtest and Selenium. Its advantages are great integration with Grails testing framework and clear code created. Similar to Canoo Webtest it is using HtmlUnit to emulate web browser.

Translation: Grzegorz Duda

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