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GroovyMag review - July 2009


GroovyMag is a newsletter created by users and enthusiasts of Groovy and Grails. It is published monthly since November 2008 as a pdf.

Groovy Concurrency with GParallelizer

Author: Jorge Lugo

Article presents three different solutions to parallelize applications in Grails. First one uses asynchronizer in Gparallelizer framework, next one uses Executors from Java, and the last one, use GParrallelizer again, and actors known from Scala. Everything was created on Yahoo Term Extraction Service example, service that looks for keywords in text.

Groovy under the Hood – Groovy Types Part I

Author: Kirsten Schwark

Groovy is using optional typing. When should we explicit define type? What does it mean for execution time and generated bytecode for classes, methods and scripts? When types are checked? How they compare to Java types? All those questions are answered in this article.

Inline Editing with jQuery

Author: Dean Del Ponte

Grails doesn’t have AJAX plugin yet, that would provide data tables with possibility of inline editing. Such a component should be ready in next releases of GrailsUI, today we can use solution presented by Deana Del Ponte. With JQuery plugins (jquery-in-place-editor and jquery-ui-datepicker) he creates asynchronically editable table with date fields.

Goldilocks and Grails Logging – Part I

Author: Robert Fischer

Starting from stating that logging is important and following by some guidance what to log, author presents standard logging system in Grails: Log4J. He describes Log4J (loggera, categories, levels and appenders) and its usage and way of configuration in Grails.

Plugin Corner – Jabber Plugin

Author: Dave Klein

This plugin allows sending and receiving messages to and from Jabber server. We get to know it creating simple messenger.

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