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GroovyMag review - November 2009

GroovyMag is a magazine created by Groovy and Grails. It is published monthly since November 2008 in a form of a PDF.

Groovy Under the Hood – Groovy Collective Types - Ranges

Autor: Kirsten Schwark

Ranges are one of Groovy constructs, nonexistent in Java, that ease programmers' lives. They are usfeful e.g. in for loops or switch statements. In an exhaustive article we read about their kinds, implementation, and characteristics. Numerous usage examples included.

Groovy around the Globe – Australia & New Zealand

Autor: Steve Dalton

Debuting series of articles aims to familiarize us with Groovy and Grails communities from all over the world beginning with Australia and New Zealand. Here we can find information about conferences or user groups and read a few words about Groovy and Grails enthusiasts from the continent and their achievements.

Enterprise Development with Groovy and Grails

Autor: Jason Warner

Jason Warner tells us a story of a company migrating from ColdFusion to Groovy and Grails. Without hiding the flaws of Grails he writes about the reasons why, the challenges and the benefits of adopting this technology.

Grails and Maven – Differing Opinions, Same Goal

Autor: Michael Wall

There are situations where you may want to use Maven to work with a Grails project. It turns out that there is nothing stopping you from doing that. With grails-maven-plugin you can add Maven to an existing or new Grails application and from then on manage it with Maven equivalents of Grails commands.

Plugin Corner – Bean-Fields Plugin

GSP pages often become unreadable. This plugin allows you to decrease the number of lines of code needed to display form fields. With it HTML tags, location of a field and its label can be placed in a template and in our view in the place of the above code we write only one line. Apart from the built-in templates, we can create our own.

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